Our Story

Christ Community Church started as a dinner meeting with Eric and Jennifer Kowes and David and Cathy Morris on August 13, 2020. Ryan Colburn, a mutual friend of both families, suggested they meet each other because he knew David was looking for a lead pastor position and that the Kowes had wanted to see a particular kind of church get started in Ripon for years. The result of that meeting was a decision to begin an 8 week Bible study, with the short term goal of encouraging Christians in the area through careful Bible teaching but a long term goal of seeing if the Holy Spirit would direct a growing number of people to form a new church.

The Ripon Bible Study Service started on September 13, 2020, and by November 1 the decision was made to formally move towards starting Christ Community Church. The Morris family moved to Ripon on November 24 and, in another major answer to prayer, Christ Community moved from having its services at the Kowes's house to renting Heartland Community Church on Main Street in Ripon.

Two other church families helped Christ Community Church significantly. Hickman Community Church, led by Andy Woodfield, graciously supported the early efforts through prayer, encouragement, and by providing multiple key families to join Christ Community. Grace Church of the Valley also provided huge support by sending Pastor David as a church planter, sending music leaders and children's ministry leaders weekly, and through individuals at Grace Church as well as elsewhere generously giving finances to help Christ Community Church through its first two years.

God continues to answer prayer in remarkable ways as he grows our newborn church, and we eagerly look to him to direct our steps as we keep moving forward.